The Chocolate

Chocolat on James produces the finest chocolates that are

both sophisticated and delightfully fun!


As true artists, we love to keep things evolving. Contact us or visit the store for all the latest offerings and for custom event requests!


Luxurious, decadent, and rich with flavour. We craft a variety of flavours of these rich chocolate indulgences.  Try a traditional option like Hazelnut, Chocolate or Orange; or explore something different such as Black Forest, Key Lime, or Banana.


Smooth, sweet and sinful, our fudge melts in your mouth like a soft, smooth caramel.  Chewy Praline, Peanut Butter, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Swirl, Cookies and Cream…one piece is never enough.


Almont, Mint Swirl, Peanut and Raisin…our barks are inspired by the season and fresh ingredients.  Butter Crunch is a crisp, buttery caramel candy poured over freshly chopped almonds and pecans, topped with white, milk or dark chocolate. Addictive!


Sheryl’s artistic spirit shines through our novelty selection!  From chocolate frogs, bugs and animals for kids’ party bags to dipped oreo baby rattles for showers, there’s always something fun in our chocolate case!  We love creating custom orders inspired by your party’s theme.